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Change Management and CRM

Change Management is an often under estimated discipline. We work in 3 phases: Preparation for change, Management of change and Reinforcement of change. Each phase has a set of tools. Typical change management projects are related to implementation and adoption of Salesforce and CRM. At ChangePeople we focus on the people and how to handle the change journey while working closely with the IT project team.

Commercial Excellence

Commercial Excellence is all about optimizing your commercial footprint. The toolbox includes pipeline management, segmentation, classification, Challenger Selling, etc. Each business is different and we will guide and support you to choose the right tools from the toolbox - and show you how to use them.
We work with both leaders and sales reps. and use tools like CRM to locate areas of improvement.

Process mapping

Mapping the processes are a large part of the change journey. We need to know where we are coming from in order to tell a strong story about where we are heading. At ChangePeople always start by mapping the as-is processes in a workshop environment. We can facilitate the process mapping or we can train your team and empower them to run the workshops. After as-is mapping we create a to-be process based on business input.


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